Informing students I will not be returning


said: May 16, 2006
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I am struggling with how to let me students know that I will not be returning to the academy where I currently teach, in the fall. I will be continuing to teach at home and according to my contract I am not allowed to solicit my current students. I have told a few in person, mostly because they were already asking about the fall (and I wasn’t going to lie), and a few figured it out before I even told them and said they would follow me if I left, but there are many that do not yet know. I have written a letter that basically says I will not be returning in order to maintain a better balance between my personal and professional lives and that I would like to be able to pursue other professional opportunities. I have enjoyed teaching at the academy and wish everyone the best.

Part of being a good teacher, I think, is the relationship you build with each student. Does a letter seem like an impersonal way to break the news to students/parents? If I was leaving and taking all my students with me then I would just tell them all in person, but this is not the case and I don’t know how to bring it up with the students I do not want to continue teaching. Thanks for any advice.

said: May 16, 2006
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I think a letter is the best way-this way all the parents will find out at once. There’s nothing worse than gossip spreading! I think your letter sounds great-if the parents solicit YOU can you teach them from home?

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said: May 16, 2006
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Thanks for your reply, Junebug. I always enjoy your contributions to this forum and respect what you have to say.
I actually am leaving the academy to teach at home, and although my contract states that I cannot solicit current students, it does not prevent me from accepting them as students should they contact me.

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