Ideas for piano group class

Angelica said: Jun 27, 2020
Angelica Plass
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Albuquerque, NM
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Hello all

What do you do for group piano class? How do you charge for it? How often do you have group class? Till what level? Do parents attend? How do you get parents on board?

Thanks so much


Emily Morgan said: Jul 2, 2020
Emily Morgan
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Jamestown, NC
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Honestly, I always struggle with figuring out group class. Pre- Covid, we would meet in my studio once a month and play games, discuss the composer listed in the issue of Piano Explorer, and they would play for each other. I charge a group class fee at the beginning of each semester, but only a few families actually attend. Now that I am going to be teaching online through the fall semester, I am not sure how to schedule it. I would love to hear what other piano teachers are doing!

Malgosia said: Jul 2, 2020
Malgosia LisInstitute Director
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West Hartford, CT
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Hello, if you send me your email address I will be happy to invite you to the google Classroom I created. Several teachers posted their ideas and while nothing much new happened since mid-aril there, you still might find some helpful hints.
Mine is

Thank you!

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