Constructing a studio space

Meg said: Apr 5, 2006
Meg Lanfear
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Oak Park, IL
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I am currently planning the construction of a studio. I was wondering if any of you who teach in a home/basement arrangement have any advice. I will be doing some pretty major work (putting in a bathroom, hanging dry wall, etc.) so I would like to know what any of you wish you had, or love that you do have, etc. What works, what doesn’t in regards to entrance/exits at group time, waiting area, etc. Thanks!

Connie Sunday said: Apr 5, 2006
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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One thing: I took violin lessons in Samual Applebaum’s basement in the late 60’s. I’m 6′3″ and my bow kept hitting the ceiling, so I had to sit during the lessons. Make sure there’s plenty of room for tall people, especially since children are taller now than ever.

I like to have room for two grand pianos, and lots of bookshelves lining the walls, and a corner sofa unit arrangement so that people can be comfortable with all their kids. Lots of flowers about, and several computer stations is nice, too. Lots of room is the main thing, I think.

And lots of light.

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said: Apr 5, 2006
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There is only one main thing that I would like if I had the option. To have the room set up in a way that when we have group class the students backs are towards the door.

This would help insituations when students are late. They can just quietly slip in. Or when a parent brings a student to observe. They can quietly leave if need be.

I would love to do all the things that you suggested mshikibu!

Diana said: Apr 6, 2006
Diana UmilePiano
Coatesville, PA
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My husband, a contractor, built my studio. Here are some tips: If the studio is in the basement, you will need to prevent moisture, as it can damage instruments. Talk to your contractor about this. Build a small restroom nearby. Have an entrance to the outside from the studio, separate from the main entrance to the house. From the entrance door, build a small waiting room or mudroom. This way, students can take off wet/muddy shoes, put umbrellas, hang up coats, and if you can put a bench or a couple of chairs, it can be the cry-room for crying babies. Good luck, you are fortunate that you can do this!

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