Slowed down practice version of Suzuki books

Emily Anthony said: May 11, 2020
 Violin, Viola
Jamestown, RI
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Several weeks ago I received an email notification of a slowed-down practice version for some of the Suzuki violin books. Now I can’t find the information. Does anyone else recall seeing that?

Jaclyn Kim said: May 11, 2020
Jaclyn Kim
Suzuki Association Member
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It could have been my post? Not sure, but I do have Books 1-3 posted in a slow tempo for practice purposes.

Jaclyn Kim

Leslie Brown Katz said: Jul 12, 2020
Leslie Brown Katz
Suzuki Association Member
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I highly recommend investing in the app “Amazing Slow Downer.”
It is worth every penny!

Simple enough for non-tech folks like me to get going.
I access it easily across my ipad, ipnone devices.

Your level of musical standards do not have to change!
Just the Tempo—pitch remains the same!
I also make loops of “Practice Nuggets” for easily finding or isolating a section, I can choose to repeat or just play 1X.
Listening, Ear Training, Memory all improve dramatically.

Belen Adasme Montecinos said: Jul 21, 2020
Belen Adasme Montecinos
Suzuki Association Member
Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Piano
Atlantida CA, Uruguay
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For Piano Books 1 and 2 Blancamaría Montecinos (SAA Piano TT) has recorded a separate hands and both hands together version with slower tempos.

Belén Adasme Montecinos
Gestora Cultural

Lori Bolt said: Jul 22, 2020
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
262 posts

@Belen—where can we get information on these recordings?

Lori Bolt

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