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Jaclyn Kim said: Apr 30, 2020
Jaclyn Kim
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Thankfully, a lot of my students and parents have been flexible and adapting as well as they can to the new virtual lessons. However, I usually like to play through their pieces with them a couple of times in their lessons for them to learn how to blend and play the piece without stopping for small mistakes (of course there’s also the opposite in my teaching where we work on the small things and drill them). But with virtual lessons, that’s nearly impossible with the delay and glitches. So what I have been doing is sending my students my recording on YouTube and have them play along to the video at the same time. It actually works pretty well for most of them! I try to incorporate everything I learn from Suzuki Teacher Training into my recordings and have not posted past book 3, because I have not trained in the higher books (yet). Let me know if these recordings are helpful to you and your students or if there’s any adjustments that you could see would be more beneficial! Thank you so much :)

Jaclyn Kim

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