Helpful remote learning tool for (quarantined) beginners

Edward said: Apr 15, 2020
Edward Obermueller
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Many of us got a baptism by fire over the past month of teaching and learning remotely. Lots of issues to work through and I’m proud of the teaching community for stepping up to address them.

One thing I’ve noticed is that anything that can be screen-shared is very useful right now.

A few years ago I developed a teaching/practice game called Leprechaun, using colored cards with simple practice activities on them. The goal is simple: to get all 6 colors. Kids choose the order. In testing this game for years, kids love it, and so do parents. Many teachers, from around the world, have also been enjoying this game.

So far there has been a Pre-Twinkle set, but I’m pleased to announce the arrival of a new Twinkle level set, along with updated digital versions, in a new store at Both sets work for anyone in Suzuki Book 1—2 and ages 3—10.

There is a free starter set there for everyone to try. I hope you’ll get this game and show it to your parents and students. Right now they need it, and it comes as a relief to know the kids are still progressing while being kept in quarantine. AND it is easy to screen share and use in remote lessons.

We can still make life better during this time. I hope you’ll check this out. Be well and stay safe.

Happy practicing,

Free Guide: Mom, Dad, Can I Practice?
Free Game: Leprechaun Practice System --> Works for online teaching!

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