Teacher training with Covid19

Flora Camuzet said: Apr 9, 2020
Flora Camuzet
Suzuki Association Member
Prince George, BC
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I am a cello teacher in Prince George, BC.
I am wondering how we can do the training this year?
I did my first 3 books with the amazing Tanya Carey in Chicago. But it’s clear that in June the restrictions are not going to disappear.
Any idea, with who we need (teachers) to speak to have new options during the pandemie?
I can’t enter in the teacher corner…i don’t know why!
Stay safe and well!!

Sally Gross said: Apr 11, 2020
Sally GrossTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Aurora, IL
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The pandemic has certainly put us in unchartered territory in every aspect of our professional (and personal) lives. The SAA is carefully considering the immediate future of teacher training during the COVID crisis. Look for an announcement in the next week.

Helen Jacob-Stein said: Apr 11, 2020
Helen Jacob-Stein
Suzuki Association Member
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Yes, it certainly opens up a whole new way of doing things. Every day in my individual lessons, students and I figure out some new angles of how to use the online platform we’re using, or (for myself) some new way of teaching a point. I’m actually starting to find it quite awesome, in this respect. Starting to enjoy the communication innovations that I never thought I would. I’m an online novice, who doesn’t usually enjoy this way of human interaction, but I feel a sort of enlivening rebirth process happening!
The group classes are a different set of challenges, and some of these are the same as a teacher trainer is facing— but I’m sure that the more creative teacher trainers will find their way. As someone (a healthcare worker on the news) said the other day: “Keep faith, just don’t give up”—and that’s what we all have to do!

Helen Jacob-Stein

Barbara Eadie said: Apr 12, 2020
Barbara Eadie
Suzuki Association Member
Victoria, BC
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I agree with you, Helen. I feel as though I am in uncharted territory, but I am also enjoying the challenge. I have also witnessed a new level of involvement with some of my parents as they need to be there to make sure the technology works! There are definite pluses in this interesting time. I am trying to keep lessons going for my kids to give them some sense of normality. They seem to enjoy seeing me on their computer! Perhaps this is a whole new learning experience for all of us and a way of opening our eyes to new ways of doing things.

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