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The Suzuki Association of the Americas said: Apr 13, 2005
The Suzuki Association of the Americas
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The Suzuki Xchange has been modified to require users to register and log on in order to post. This modification comes in response to a general review of the bulletin board security and trackability.

Thank you for your understanding,

said: Apr 13, 2005
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Thank you for understanding that due to your new login

requirements this will be my last post ever on your site. I registered strictly to lodge this a complaint. I am

disappointed but we all have a right to choose what to do with this new setup. It’s been a nice time writing many

posts here, and I hope some people out there may have found some of my posts useful in the past.
I am off to

find new and uncensored land…… Peace to all, “Username’

said: Apr 13, 2005
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I find this to be very disappointing. I like how

open people are talking about the problems in their teaching and parenting. I feel that since this forum is

changed we’re likely to get a drop off in posts, and especially those honest, raw emotional posts. It’s too bad


“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

said: Apr 14, 2005
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I assume this is in response to the hacking over

the weekend?

The Suzuki Association of the Americas said: Apr 14, 2005
The Suzuki Association of the Americas
Suzuki Association Member
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Yes, the issue of security and track ability was

pinpointed due to the hacking. There are few ‘non-registry required’ forums left on the web, likely due to this

same issue.

said: Apr 14, 2005
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Well, that’s understandable! I’m still

disappointed but I guess I’d rather not have Turkish Hackers take over the forum.

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

Katherine said: Apr 15, 2005
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What’s going on?? What hacking…so confused.

Melissa said: Apr 15, 2005
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Yes, I would like to know what’s going on

What hacking??? What happened over the weekend??

said: Apr 15, 2005
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On Sunday and most of Monday this forum was gone.

Turkish Hackers took everything away except the logo and basically made their own page-bright red, Turkey’s flag,


It was quite dramatic :confused:

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

Melissa said: Apr 15, 2005
 151 posts

Wow! Interesting. Too bad. I thought I was on

the forum on that date? But not sure. Didn’t see anything like that if I was.

Stephanie said: Apr 15, 2005
Stephanie Pedretti
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Viroqua, WI
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I too, saw the Turkish Hackers takeover on the

weekend and figured that would be the end of our freedom of being non-registered. I can’t say what day it

happened, but I have noticed that anything posted Friday or Saturday has disappeared. What a shame our freedom

has been expoited and taken away by someone with nothing constructive to do. I am also disappointed in having to

be registered now, but I understand the need and will continue to participate.

said: Apr 17, 2005
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I personally don’t understand why anyone would

object to registering with this forum. Happy Jack is obviously not my real name, and I am not giving up any

privacy by registering. I like to remain anonymous so that I can ’speak freely’ and not worry about a student or

teacher knowing me. However, I can not see how any of my rights have been violated.

Am I missing


said: Apr 17, 2005
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Many teachers and parents feel that by posting

under their regular user name their student or teacher might find out they are talking about them. I think having

guest status made it easier to post ‘freely.’

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

Melissa said: Apr 18, 2005
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Yes, but at times confusing as to who your are

conversing with.

Jennifer Visick said: Apr 23, 2005
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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I often wonder if much of what

is posted anonymously is better left unsaid. I try never to speak things about my students which would harm them

if they overheard it; that includes “speaking” on internet forums like this one; I expect the same courtesy from

my students when they speak about my teaching!

It also strikes me as somewhat irresponsible and unkind not

to allow others to get to know who you are by letting them see where you have posted and what you have posted

before. If I like someone’s ideas, I often like to see what they have to say on other topics as well. But you

can’t do that if it’s a “guest” who has posted the idea you learned something from….


said: Apr 24, 2005
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I disagree Jenny. What if a teacher wanted to post

to ask advice about a parent who yelled at the teacher in a lesson? A child whose parents are divorcing and is

having issues with practicing? A parent who is repeatedly asking for makeups even though the teacher has given the

parent the written studio policies stating no makeups are allowed? All these scenarios (I could keep going!) are

things that teachers need to talk about and sometimes they want to do it without posting their name, and I don’t

believe these are backstabbing or hurting our students. If these things are not repsonsible for posting, there

really is no purpose for this forum other than sharing cute stories (which I also love to do). If I have issues

that I don’t want my Suzuki parents to read I’m going to post under a registered ‘anonymous’ name, not my

‘junebug’ name.

I don’t believe we need to be ‘kind and responsible’ by making sure everyone in the

forum knows exactly who we are. It is nice to follow people’s posts but I don’t think it’s a neccessity and I

don’t feel I should be obligated to do so. But the SAA decided for security issues they want everyone registered,

so we all have to deal with their decision. And I do understand after the Turkish Hacker episode that things

needed to change.

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
-Shinichi Suzuki

Melissa said: Apr 24, 2005
 151 posts

Junebug is right. I too have used “guest” when

a sticky issue has arisen where it is more comfortable to be completely anonymous.
And I originally did not

like the fact that “guest” was used all the time.
I suppose I do like to know who I am talking to and sort of

build an idea of who the person is by their screen name. I also do not like deragatory, mean comments that are

usually perpetuated by a “guest.”
We are not perfect and problems do arise in our studios, which I suppose we

should be able to talk about without too much paranoia or reprucussion. But sometimes it is safer and more

comfortable to use a name that others cannot associate with.

said: Feb 24, 2006
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said: Jan 27, 2007
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I realize it’s been a while since the event, but I wanted to mention that even though the Turkish flag was displayed, that does not mean that the perpetrators were Turkish or that their intent was motivated by either liking or disliking Turkey. These acts typically don’t involve logic.

To some extent, these events happen because someone didn’t learn from Dr. Suzuki. I don’t mean to say that learning an instrument from a Suzuki teacher guarantees good behavior, but I believe that learning to act from love is better than not learning to act from love.

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