Violin Teacher Offers Online Violin Lessons to Provide Music Education to Students during COVID-19 Epidemic

Kathleen Moser said: Mar 26, 2020
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Jeffersonville, PA
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A message that Suzuki piano teacher Bruce Anderson asked to share, as students are learning so much during this pandemic. Bruce always speaks so beautifully about children absorbing everything—like sponges (just as Dr. Suzuki told us!). He recently sent this message to parents and encouraged we share it with others: 

The most important thing you can do for your child right now is not let them feel your anxiety or fear about the current crises. Be aware: when you speak with your spouse or other adults about anything, the children are listening to you and feel YOUR emotions. Saying “don’t worry” means nothing if YOU are worried. They read you thoroughly. Therefore, let doing all you can do to protect your family give you PEACE OF MIND, which they will absorb.
Be completely honest with them  when discussing the situation in a “matter of fact” way—without emotion if you can. Limit media coverage exposure and save your serious discussions with your spouse for private times. We want this to be a learning experience for the children for how to handle such things in their future. Please let them know their piano teachers are  thinking  of them all the time but cannot see them right now. 

All my love, 
Mr Anderson

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