Guidelines for healthy families during Coronavirus

Ronda Cole said: Mar 4, 2020
Ronda ColeTeacher Trainer
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McLean, VA
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In response to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, I sent these guidelines to the families in my school.

New Health Safety Protocol for NVSMS   (During the Corona Virus period)

To students, and all adults and visitors.
Starting this week EVERYONE who enters on the studio level will be required to:

  1. Wash your hands using the soap provided. 
    Wash long enough to sing Happy Birthday 2 times. (doctor recommended)
  2. Dry hands using the paper towels provided.
  3. Proceed to the small table outside your teacher’s studio.  Use the hand sanitizer.
  4. Have a great lesson!

Remind your children to cover a cough or sneeze with the inside of the elbow.  Coughs and sneezes travel seven feet!

If you or your child is ill, ask for a Facetime or SKYPE  lesson.  If you or your child is coughing and sneezing, consider not coming to group class or come to observe from a distance. 

Please, no person of any age is exempted. 

We need to follow these practices so that we protect ourselves, each other and each other’s families.  
Mrs. Cole will keep the door handles sanitized.

There is a new air purifier working in each studio and the entry room.

Parents, please supervise your children.  Inform any substitute drivers.

I hope to hear lots of the Happy Birthday song eminating from the bathroom.
Let’s go through the next few months with everyone staying healthy.

Thank you,

Ronda Cole

Northern Virginia Suzuki Music School

Ronda Cole

Anne Brennand said: May 2, 2020
Anne Brennand
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Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme lasts exactly 20 seconds—perfect for hand washing these days!

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

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