Orientation for parents of new students

Susan Nunn said: Feb 4, 2020
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I am the director of a rural Suzuki method program for 18 under-served students, aged 6-12, sponsored by the Rappahannock Concert Association, a 501c3 organization on the Northern Neck of Virginia. We import instructors, raise funds for free lessons, and instruments are provided free by “Strings without Borders” in Fredericksburg, VA. There is no string instruction in public schools in our 6-county region.

We have 3 instructors for violin, viola and cello. Parents must drive children long distances to lessons. We ask parents to attend lessons and supervise practice during the week. Some parents are dedicated, some are not, so instruction has mixed results. Our expectations for them are not well communicated or understood.

I want to develop a “Parent Orientation” process for parents who want the best for their children but are not musically educated, or perhaps not educated at all.

Can you suggest some best practices for us? I’m particularly interested in a friendly, simply-written ‘essay’ for them to read, and/or a link to a YouTube video depicting parent participation with the crucial first 20 lessons. I prefer not to instruct as much as to inspire our parents.

Thank you for your help.

Sue Nunn, Director Crewe Program
Rappahannock Concert Association

Lois Reiter said: Feb 5, 2020
Lois Reiter
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Gatesville, TX
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We have a pre-Twinkle meeting every fall for our younger students (ages 4—8). We only start 4—6 year olds in the fall. This is the packet I use and you might adapt it to your program. Additionally, before they begin, they must observe 2 lessons which weeds out a lot of families. When students begin during the year, I always take the time to meet with the parent and child.
If you send me a message, I’ll send you the packet.

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