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Edward said: Oct 16, 2019
Edward Obermueller
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Morris Plains, NJ
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I usually have gone through the above process in 4-6 weeks with a new student, moving from box violin to real violin at that time. This does seem a bit on the slow side. Perhaps a conversation with your teacher about moving things forward is appropriate, and if you remain unsatisfied or feel that this is not meeting your daughter where she is, find a teacher who wants to move at a slightly faster pace.

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M M said: Oct 17, 2019
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Thank you for your input, Edward!

Mengwei Shen said: Oct 17, 2019
Mengwei Shen
Suzuki Association Member
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Jersey City, NJ
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I didn’t see an age mentioned or how practice is going. “Lessons 2-3 times per month” is basically “sometimes weekly” but still frequently having two weeks between lessons. “A few groups” in 10 months probably would not be a strong factor compared to mostly-weekly lessons and mostly-daily practice. I’m also curious about what is being done in the groups—posture? singing? are others playing with bow on the string?

To find out more about reaching a progress milestone such as touching the bow to the string(s), it would be reasonable to open the discussion by asking what the teacher is looking for to get to that step. It may even help to have this conversation without your daughter present. Children can pick up on parents’ feelings and if she absorbs a mentality of disinterest/boredom/impatience, this can undermine the teacher’s being able to work with her effectively.

Keep in mind that teachers have differences in the order and pacing of steps. Another teacher might move “faster” on some things and “slower” on others, and you won’t know this up front. If you gain a better understanding of the current teacher’s vision and values, this may help you be more comfortable with the guidance you are getting. Or if you realize you can’t be aligned with where and how the path is going, then you are better informed to make a decision about changing.

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