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Jennifer Lee Lang said: Sep 16, 2019
Jennifer Lee Lang
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Beaverton, OR
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This year our Suzuki program is looking to choose some pieces in the American tradition, i.e. jazz/blues/bluegrass/contemporary to supplement our normal Suzuki concert program. We have 30-40 students in our program, ages 3-high school. We have all levels, Pre-Twinkle to Book 5, divided into 4 classes for weekly 45-minute group class: 1) Pre-Twinkle, 2) Book 1, 3) Books 2-3, and 4) Books 5 and up. Typically each class picks its own “supplemental” piece, but we would also be open to a combined piece that accommodated all levels (especially since we have monthly play-ins). Any specific suggestions the community might have for pieces that have worked successfully for different levels, and have parts readily accessible, would be greatly appreciated!

Suzuki Violin/Viola Faculty
Saint Paul Conservatory of Music
Saint Paul, MN

Judy said: Sep 28, 2019
Judy Bossuat-GallicTeacher Trainer
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Violin, Viola
Dallas, TX
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Fiddler’s Philharmonic books 1 and 2 have various fiddle tunes arranged at different levels. You could find pieces at various levels.

Sarah Cote said: Sep 29, 2019
Sarah Cote
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Viola, Violin
Nashville, TN
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I highly recommend Crystal Plohmann’s book, fiddle and Song. She is a Suzuki trained teacher and a master fiddler. Each time has several levels and it comes with a CD.

Sarah Cote

Barbara Eadie said: Sep 29, 2019
Barbara Eadie
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Victoria, BC
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I used Fiddler’s Philharmonic a lot with my school groups. It is great when you have one or two kids who take lessons and are way ahead of the rest of the class. The advanced kids can play the tune and the others can pizz on chord tones which are ofthe open strings. I did this kind of thing at the winter concert several times. The parents always loved it and the beginners felt like they were really playing something neat.

Danielle said: Sep 30, 2019
Danielle Dotson
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Piano, Violin
Balwyn North, VIC, Australia
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Seconding Crystal Plohmann Wiegman’s book—my studio and my own children love her book.
I’ve linked a few of the pieces together in medleys that go down really well with audiences and performers. We performed a few of them in the UK on a tour with some other Suzuki groups this past summer, and in Germany in 2017.
It is very easy to accommodate advanced and complete beginners with open strings, all together.

Danielle Dotson

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