Suzuki Piano student wins Philadelphia International Piano Competition

Kathleen Moser said: Aug 11, 2019
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Jeffersonville, PA
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Congratulations to Suzuki Piano student Parker van Ostrand, his teacher Linda Nakagawa, and his mother Juliette!

A wonderful Suzuki team (we all know about those!) and the result was Suzuki Piano student Parker van Ostrand becoming winner of the Philadelphia International Piano Competition!  20 pianists through age 24 were selected from around the world to participate in the competition. Here is a link where Parker, age 16, is the first of 2 performers on our local radio station WRTI. He is playing Chopin Scherzo No.2 on this linK:

His teacher is Linda Nakagawa, Suzuki Piano Teacher from Sacramento, California, a frequent clinician for our Suzuki Piano World! We look forward to seeing her here in Philadelphia for our November 8-10 piano workshop! Kudos to all!!

Lori Bolt said: Aug 12, 2019
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Lori Bolt

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