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Ali Soltani said: Aug 6, 2019
Ali Soltani
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Hello Everyone,

I have recently digitized a lot of my teaching materials, PDF music, and notes and put them onto my iPad using Notability. I would love to have the Suzuki violin and viola book music on there as well, but that means I either have to scan each book page by page or purchase the books through iBook (which also has a completely different layout). Is there anyone who has any digitized PDF versions of the books or a way to make PDFs?

Ali Soltani

Jennifer Visick said: Aug 7, 2019
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I use forScore on the iPad a lot, and in order to get the Suzuki books in there I needed PDFs.

The easiest way to “scan” things in that I’ve found is to buy the Kindle Print Replica versions and take screenshots of every page, then import the screenshots into an app like turboScan and turn them into a PDF document.

I’ve also gone the way of using turboScan to take pictures of each page (which is faster than using my home scanner if not quite as neat in results); I go back and forth as to the trade-off between buying all new digital versions of the Suzuki books and just scanning the ones I have.

Alan Duncan said: Aug 8, 2019
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With a little tweaking you can use the Darkroom feature of forScore to turn printed music into PDFs for use within forScore. You need good lighting; but with a small amount of work—adjusting contrast and cropping, you can bypass the need to scan anything.

One thing that’s nice about the Darkroom capability on forScore is that the cropping is non-linear. If you take an image obliquely by accident, you can crop it non-linearly so that the final product is all square.

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