Duets for Suzuki violin books 4-5/intermediate

Rachel Bower Karr said: May 13, 2019
Rachel Bower Karr
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I am looking to expand my duets repertoire for my book 4-5 violin group. I would love any suggestions you may have. It can be Suzuki or outside of Suzuki rep.



Rachel Bower Karr

Jennifer Taylor said: May 16, 2019
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Durham, NC
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My vol. 4 students are playing a nice Tango from Joanne Martin’s book “Playing with Style” for Violin Duet. They are also doing some fun pieces from a book called Globetrotters by Oxford Press. I like the violin accompaniment/harmony parts. I also like Ilana Gravitz’s Klezmer Fiddle book. All the tunes have nice violin accompaniments with lots of double stops. Then there’s the usual Telemann Canon Sonatas which are so beautiful.

Alan Duncan said: May 31, 2019
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The second movement of the Bach Concerto in D minor for 2 violins is overlooked, but is a sublime piece of music.

There are various collections of Shostakovich duos that are quite accessible. One edition published by Sikorski comes to mind. (Sorry, I’m too lazy to get up and go to the music room to check it out specifically.)

There’s a lovely arrangement of the Schubert “Ständchen” for two or three violins, but I’d have to do more research as to its origin.

Sarah Cote said: Jun 1, 2019
Sarah Cote
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Viola, Violin
Nashville, TN
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Grazyna Baciewicz duets!

Sarah Cote

Edward said: Jun 4, 2019
Edward Obermueller
Suzuki Association Member
Morris Plains, NJ
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@Rachel, thank you for posting that question, I have a similar goal, you read my mind!

@Jennifer @Alan and @Sarah, thank you as well for your suggestions, I will be sure to check those out. I’m imagining a future blog post where this information is compiled in one place.

Happy practicing,

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