Suzuki Violin Unit 1 Training

Renee Brechtel said: Apr 5, 2019
Renee BrechtelViolin
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Hello! I am finally working to get my Suzuki Violin Unit 1 training, but had always heard that the Unit 1 training was at least two weeks long. Most of the trainings I’ve been looking at are only 1 week long…does anyone know why? Are they all the same set up, basically? How do you get in all the teaching hours needed during this time? I’m not sure where to find this information, so I thought I’d ask here! Thanks!

Mengwei Shen said: Apr 5, 2019
Mengwei Shen
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Here is the full teacher training info (specifically pp.6-7 about the unit courses):

Unit 1 is 28 hours class time and 15 hours observation over a minimum of 8 days. When scheduled alongside a 5-day student institute, you can get 2-3 hours class time and 3 hours observation per 5 days and the remaining class hours on the 3 days without students. If you need to take ECC first, that is typically the day before Unit 1 starts. Nine packed days can certainly feel like two weeks!

Units 2-10 are only 15 hours class time and 8 hours observation.

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