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Kada Bush said: Mar 3, 2019
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I have an 85 year old violin. I would like it looked at by a reputable repair person in the Milwaukee/ Waukesha/Washington County area. I would like to give it to my grandson who is showing some interest in the violin.

Thank you.

Kada Bush

Angelica said: Mar 8, 2019
Angelica Plass
Suzuki Association Member
Albuquerque, NM
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I think an 85- year- old violin deserves a lot of respect. There is a very good violin repair shop here in Albuquerque that does repairs of string instruments from all over the world. Perhaps you can give them a call. Robertson and Sons Violin Shop
Toll Free: 800.284.6546


Rita Yeo said: Jul 2, 2019
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That’s awesome that you are looking to restore such an old and mellow sounding violin for your grandson. Would like to share some pointers when you bring your violin to the luthier, since I also deal in violin/cello repair and restoration.

  1. have the luthier check the fingerboard to see if it is still straight or warped. If warped, the luthier will need to plane the fingerboard flat. If the fingerboard is too thin, he may need to change to a new one.

  2. check for cracks in the body of the violin.

  3. you will most likely need a new bridge cut. There are a variety of bridges such as Aubert and Mila Stamm.

  4. check if the soundpost is intact and in the right position inside the belly of the violin

  5. check if the tuning pegs can turn smoothly, and not too tight or loose.

Hope this is a list that you can start with.

Good luck!

Stradivari Strings

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