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James Lewis said: Feb 11, 2019
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We live in TX and have been to DFW WOW for a couple of years. This year we would like to try a different camp. Does anyone have any recommendation with overall good experience, faculty etc?

Thanks much!

Blaise Poth said: Feb 12, 2019
Blaise Poth
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Louisville, KY
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The University of Louisville has a wonderful Summer Suzuki Institute in June. Also the American Suzuki Institute in Wisconsin is a wonderful experience as well. It is hard to go wrong, they are all so inspirational and exciting. Hope you find a perfect experience this summer! Blaise

Kurt Meisenbach said: Feb 12, 2019
Kurt Meisenbach
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Plano, TX
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I have attended the Austin Suzuki summer event twice. It was excellent both times. Excellent teachers and wonderful student concerts that should not be missed. I will be attending again this summer.

Mariana del Rosario Rodriguez Alcantara said: Feb 12, 2019
Mariana del Rosario Rodriguez Alcantara
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Guatemala City, Guatemala
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Hi James!
I’ve been in 3 different Institutes and every one has been special for it’s uniqueness…

  • My first experience was on the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute, which is on August… you can stay on dorms, eat at the University Cafeteria, get to know downtown Seattle…

  • The second one, was at Memphis Suzuki Institute…there are a lot of hotels around campus, you can take a bus and get to downtown Memphis, it’s pretty cool…

-My last one, was the American Suzuki Institute…you can also stay on dorms, eat at the University Cafeteria, they do a lot of extra activities for all family members, which include kayaking, going around the Campus Forest Reserve, or downtown…

In every place, people and teachers are great!
Hope you find one of these, I would love to go back again soon…:)

James Lewis said: Feb 13, 2019
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Thank you Blaise, Kurt, and Mariana for your response! I definitely would check into each one of them. We know this will be a great experience for our daughter. Thanks again!

Wendy Caron Zohar said: Feb 14, 2019
Wendy Caron Zohar
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I can personally recommend Phoenix Phest Grande in Ann Arbor, and Chicago Suzuki Institute. Both excellent summer institutes! Great faculty, supportive and nurturing environments for growing and learning!

Wendy Caron Zohar

If we work hard, music may save the world.—S. Suzuki

Danielle Kravitz said: Feb 14, 2019
Danielle KravitzInstitute Director
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Gotta give a shout out to my institute! San Diego Suzuki Institute has an excellent, friendly vibe. Every year we try and offer some new alternative style classes.

Plus, we literally have a view of the ocean and it’s lovely =)

San Diego Suzuki Institute

San Diego Suzuki Institute

Leslie Brown Katz said: Feb 18, 2019
Leslie Brown Katz
Suzuki Association Member
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Both my students/families and I have enjoyed Los Angeles Suzuki Institute, Colorado Institute, Seattle Japan, San Diego and Hawaii!
Several trips to each with summer friends made and kept over the years!
Each have great faculty, and you get to travel in different circles than your home port, as it were. If you are planning a family vacation, go to the Institute at the front end of your time, then have the rest of the family arrive and join you for the final concert, then continue your vacation afterwards all together.
OR pick an Institute in the area where grandparents live! Get a nice bonus visit! You really can’t go wrong—these Institutes energize and inspire!

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