David Ford said: Sep 10, 2018
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Staccato seems to be my nemesis. How long does it normally take for someone to get this? I’m on Allegretto, struggled through Allegro and Perpetual Motion. I’m 65. Have fiddled at a beginner level for a few years.

I’m making some progress, but, realizing I really need some rosin on my bow beforehand, and there seems to be some aspect of wrist/finger movement that would allow me to do this neatly without squawking that is starting to work itself into my conscious brain, but it’s throwing all my self-confidence out the window in the meantime.

What details should I be watching for?

Edward said: Sep 28, 2018
Edward Obermueller
Suzuki Association Member
Morris Plains, NJ
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Allow the bow to come to a stop, don’t force the stop. The bow will stop on its own if you let it, and the sound will continue for a second or two, without lifting the bow off the string.

This video might help: Stop Bow Practice

Happy practicing,

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