Beginning cello position

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Amanda Carlson said: May 2, 2018
Amanda CarlsonViola
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Hi! My 5 year old daughter is starting cello and we are having issues with positioning. She has an 1/8 size cello but complains of the cello poking her thighs, but if I change the endpin it becomes too tall and taller than her ear. Which is more important, the placement of the lower bout or the placement of the scroll in relation to her ear?

She also thinks the cello is too heavy and it pushes her back and she slumps because of this.

Any ideas?

Demetria said: May 3, 2018
Demetria Koninis
Suzuki Association Member
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I have cut small squares of a yoga mat and placed it on the side of the knee where the cello pokes her. The yoga mat also helps the cello from sliding around.

Anne Brennand said: May 3, 2018
Anne Brennand
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Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Boulder, CO
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The triangle on the body between the breastbone and top of each knee should match the triangle on the cello between the top rib/neck saddle, to just below each lower bout point. It could be your daughter needs a 1/10 size.

The body to cello body orientation, for bowing and fingering, is more important than the scroll’s proximity to the ear.

It takes a lot of practice to develop the core muscles to sit up tall and not let the cello push the body back. Please take time with this postural alignment as an important pre-twinkle exercise. —Anne

Anne Brennand, cellist and cello teacher

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