What is the current and best technology you are using for listening?

Maxine Casper said: Jan 7, 2018
Maxine Casper
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Laguna Hills, CA
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This week I had a new to Suzuki Mom tell me that she got the CD, but didn’t have way to play it for her 5 year old daughter! How and/or what are parents using to provide and do the TOP PRIORITY and VITAL LISTENING to the music? Help!

Emily Shively said: Jan 7, 2018
Emily Shively
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Minneapolis, MN
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Hi Maxine,

I’ve been having this issue in my studio also. So many families no longer use a CD player as their main source for playing music. Technology really has come a long way as most people use their cell phones for just about everything, including playing music! I am happy to tell you that Piano books 1—7 are on itunes and Amazon. Here is the link to the SAA page with the information! I hope your parent finds this option helpful. I know my studio parents sure do!

Danielle said: Jan 8, 2018
Danielle Dotson
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Madison, AL
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What I did with my own kids was buy a CD-clock-alarm device on Amazon. I set it 25 minutes before they have to get up, and they get to lie in bed each morning listening to the CD before they have to get up. That way they get at least one time through the book they are working on each day, at a minimum. On school days, at least!
At night I have a compilation of books (their current one, and plus and minus one) that shuffles and plays all the night at the lowest volume. It is so soft they have to lie still to hear it.
One child has the iPad, the other the phone. It’s done wonders for review.
My husband did mock-accuse me of hypnotizing the kids, but the kids ask for the music. They like lying in bed without having to get up immediately in the morning, and they like relaxing to the music at night.

Danielle Dotson

Alan Duncan said: Jan 11, 2018
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Since CD is becoming less and less useful with the advent of digital distribution, there are really two choices for getting the Suzuki reference recordings onto mobile and computer platforms:

  1. “Rip” the CD—meaning, extract the digital content as an mp3 file, or
  2. Purchase the reference recordings from a digital source (i.e. iTunes Music Store.)

We’ve preferred to rip the CD (#1 above). Either way, having the reference recordings in mp3 format allows you to do myriad clever things that cannot easily be done with the CD. I wrote a blog post a few years ago, 14 Tech Tips for Suzuki Listening. In that article, there are links with instructions for ripping CD’s.

Among the things that you can do with the recordings as mp3 files is that you can construct playlists that aren’t just within a single book. Or if they are working on repertoire in addition to the Suzuki repertoire, you can add those to a playlist. Also having the recordings as mp3 files, allows you to slow down the recording. See this article: Listening slower

Now if a parent simply doesn’t have access to a CD-ROM device, then they should just purchase the recordings from iTunes Music Store, Amazon or another provider and start there.

Steven Maloney said: Jan 26, 2018
Steven MaloneyViolin
Westchester, IL
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Hello, currently for Violin Method, it might be helpful to try my licensed website application: Accompany Suzuki (R) Edition. Not only can students listen, they can also play along with the entire series (books 1-10), they can change to any speed without distortion of pitch or sound quality and there is loop function too. An iOS version is nearly complete for those who prefer native apps but my website works on most devices and most browsers.

I offer a free 3 day trial, with no obligation whatsoever.

This is my only posting on this topic and is not an ad; as a teacher myself I recognize the value of this product and my students have greatly benefited, as have teachers in several countries since we launched on January 1st.


Steven Maloney
(I’m a violinist and teacher starting my Suzuki
Training and Certification process) is my personal teaching site.

Joanne Shannon said: Jan 27, 2018
Joanne Shannon
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Los Angeles, CA
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Thanks for the info Emily. I guess I have to get myself up-to-date. I’ve noticed a lot of my parents are moving everything to their devices.

Jim Auckerman said: Feb 2, 2018
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Everything is digital here. Computer, iphone and ipod are the players of choice. The ipods can be plugged into power speakers when we want to shed the ear buds. Of course the computer and iphone have copies of the violin books on them. Convenient all the way across the board.

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