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Anthony Salvo said: Aug 2, 2017
Anthony SalvoViolin
Nederland, CO
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HI all,
I don’t post much but read the daily updates quite a bit. Wonderful tips and sharing of information.

I thought this might be interesting to some folks. This is a video I made of my spring student recital. I’m excited to share it, of course, and would appreciate any feedback. It’s been a great tool for prospective families considering lessons to be able to see the result of lessons and practice.

Thank you!


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Joanne Shannon said: Aug 3, 2017
Joanne Shannon
Suzuki Association Member
Los Angeles, CA
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Thanks Anthony,
That brought back a few old memories of my youngest daughter and her violin days. (she’s 44 now and now my granddaughter plays piano with me.)

Margaret Watts Romney said: Aug 7, 2017
Margaret Watts Romney
Suzuki Association Member
Longmont, CO
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Wow! What great editing, and great capturing of the highlights of your studio. Thank you for sharing!

Edward said: Dec 1, 2017
Edward Obermueller
Suzuki Association Member
Morris Plains, NJ
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I would like to see more studios and more Suzuki recitals represented this way. Even a short clip (2-3 minutes) of a video of this quality is useful on a landing page or about page, or when sending emails out about your studio.

I’m wondering if you could share (in an article or here in the feed):

  • What was the “recipe” for doing this video? Walk us through it step by step?
  • It looks like you used a drone for the initial shots? Your own, rented?
  • Did you hire someone to help with the videography?
  • What kind of equipment did you use?
  • What were some lighting decisions you made?
  • How did you do your post-production, what software/tools were used?
  • How long did the whole project take from start to finish?
  • Other suggestions, things to watch out for?

This information would be useful to the Suzuki community. Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to more!

Happy practicing,

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