Students with sweaty hands


Tuan Huy said: Jun 4, 2017
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Has anyone else taught violin/viola students who have extremely sweaty hands? I have one student whose violin looks like the fingerboard is completely soaked every time she plays. I’ve replaced tapes more often on her instrument than any other student I’ve had. Its also very difficult for her hand to stay in position because it slips on the moisture.

If anyone has ideas, I would love to hear some.

Marian Goss said: Jun 5, 2017
Marian Goss
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Years ago, I actually had a student with the same condition. I believe there’s a medical name for this condition but I don’t remember the details. Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do as music teachers. But it would be worth asking a medical professional how it can be treated. The student only took from me for two years so we never had time to figure it out.

Linda Louise said: Jun 5, 2017
Rochester, NY
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I believe extra sweaty hands may go under hyperhydrosis.

Linda L Ford

Esther Fellows said: Jul 15, 2017
Esther FellowsTeacher Trainer
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I also have a student, now an adult who has chosen to continue her studies with me, with what seems extraordinarily sweaty hands. She actually drips down her arms while playing her lessons. If she’s more nervous than usual (new piece, first time playing it for me, for example) it’s worse. I can’t pick up her instrument to demonstrate without wiping my hands off afterwards, because it is that wet. We’ve been together for three years now, with no real progress on this. I see that there is a condition called hyperhydrosis. Has anyone else had a student who has had treatment? Did it work?

Ruth Giessen said: Jul 16, 2017
Ruth GiessenHarp, Piano, Viola, Violin
Tulsa, OK
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My own daughter has hyperhydrosis, (and plays harp and violin) and the prescription medication Drisol does help! It is applied 2x a week, and helps reduce the sweat. She used to carry a bandana with her when she played….

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