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Edward said: Mar 22, 2017
Edward Obermueller
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I wanted to share a resource with the Suzuki community in hopes it is helpful!

Trying to maintain our kids’ interest in the things they need to learn is one of the most difficult parts of teaching and parenting. When they have to repeat something many times, that difficulty only increases.

There is an especially challenging “up-ramp” process in the pre-Twinkle stage, as our youngest students are learning the rhythms and variations leading to mastery of Twinkle.

So I sat down one day a number of years ago and drew some visual images of the Twinkle Variations. I drew a pizza for Variation A, “Pepperoni Pizza” and so on. I cut them out and began using them in lessons.

Twinkle Cards Cover

Twinkle Cards Cover. Twinkle cards

Image by Edward Obermueller

Immediately my students had more interest in learning—and repeating—these difficult rhythms.

Eventually I had to make a new set and laminate them, because I used them so often they were getting destroyed!

I would love for you to try the Twinkle cards at home or in your lessons, so I’ve placed them in the special free downloads page for Suzuki teachers and parents: http://edwardsviolinstudio.com/downloads/twinkle-cards. Password is suzuki.

This is a way to use a visual tool to get faster progress through the initial stages of Twinkle.

Also important: as teachers and parents you know this, but too much verbal explanation causes young students to lose focus. The Twinkle Cards give your a way to teach visually, as well as letting students gain a sense of control by physically handling cards.

Set includes 6 cards for Twinkle Variations and Theme feature hand drawn original artwork and instructions. The cards can easily be printed out for use at home or in lessons.

  • Use one at a time to introduce the Twinkle rhythms

  • Line them up on the stand and have kids identify them

  • Shuffle face down and have students draw one

  • Use in lesson after lesson to remember each rhythm

  • Great for group class

  • Works for intermediate/transfer/adult students

Won’t you try these and let me know how they fare? My students love them across the board! http://edwardsviolinstudio.com/downloads/twinkle-cards. Password is suzuki.

Happy practicing,

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