Why are you grateful to be a Suzuki parent, teacher, or student?

Brecklyn Smith Ferrin said: Nov 22, 2016
Brecklyn Smith Ferrin
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Farmington, UT
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I have a little favor to ask. At the last second, I decided it would be fun to post a different kind of blog series on my blog (www.pluckyviolinteacher.com) over the this week for Thanksgiving.

10 Reasons why I’m grateful I’m a Suzuki teacher 
10 Reasons why I’m grateful I’m a Suzuki violin Student ( or was a Suzuki violin student, as the case may be)
and the best one,
10 Reasons why I’m grateful I’m a Suzuki parent.

I would love to share little quotes from students, and yourselves in these posts. (Especially because I have just barely begun my Suzuki parent journey, I really need input there!)

I’ve emailed my students asking, but have only gotten a few responses thus far.

Would you mind sharing a few sentences on that topic with me? I’d really appreciate it!
Best wishes!

Edward said: Nov 23, 2016
Edward Obermueller
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Morris Plains, NJ
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I’m grateful because Suzuki is more than a method, it is a deep philosophy of love and transformation.

In light of our current political situation, I’m grateful to have gotten a chance to share that vision publicly. For those who are interested here is a bit more about the talk and an excerpt: Suzuki’s Humanitarian Vision

Happy practicing,

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Vanessa Jacky Davis said: Jan 20, 2017
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I’m grateful to be a Suzuki parent because:

It brings me and my children together.
It’s helped me learn how to coach them more effectively.
It’s helped me learn patience and greater sense of commitment.
It’s enhanced my child’s sense of himself. He identifies himself as a musician and has been since he can remember. It adds more gravity to his life.
It’s taught my son to love music other than just what’s on the radio or what his old parents listen to.
It’s a wonderous thing to watch your child fall in love with a piece their playing.
This is my favorite gift to my children. One I know they will carry with them forever.

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