Piano Book 1 Accompaniment

Caitlin Anselmo said: Nov 20, 2016
Caitlin Anselmo
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Nashville, TN
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Hello piano teachers,

Are there any accompaniments published for Piano Book 1?



Gail said: Nov 21, 2016
Gail GebhartTeacher Trainer
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Farmington Hills, MI
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Catherine McMichael has an excellent set: one book each for books 1-4. It’s called Companion Pieces to Accompany the Suzuki Piano Repertoire They are fun and in several different musical styles. You will probably be able to find them online or you can check Catherine’s website www.catherinemcmichael.com. There are a few others. Catherine Mcmichael composed an easier set called The Keyboard Home Companion and Ray Landers has a two volume set titledl Second *Piano Accompaniment for Piano Students & Teachers

Lori Bolt said: Nov 21, 2016
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
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I use the ensemble pieces by Barbara Meixner. You can find all of the books mentioned at link

Lori Bolt

Anne Bowman said: Nov 22, 2016
Anne BowmanTeacher Trainer
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Plano, TX
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The accompaniments for violin and cello (triolets) by Joe McSpadden are playable on piano and are also fine writing.
There is some Suzuki repertoire from Book 2 and above.
String quartets for 4 Suzuki piano repertoire sonatinas/sonatas.
Also some non-Suzuki piano standards and a volume for Kabalevsky pieces.
I use them in lessons (along with Landers, McMichael and my own modest works). Great preparation for playing with strings. My studio just had a concert (Fiesta Mariposa 2016) with 27 pianists from grades 1-12 playing solos accompanied by 4 violins and 3 cellos. A great success & in our worrisome world, very uplifting!
Score and parts available from:
or from
or from

Minuet 1—Bach
March in D—Bach
A Soldier’s March—Schumann
The Wild Horseman—Schumann
A Short Story—Lichner
Sonatina in G (2 Mvts)—Beethoven
Rustic Dance—Haydn
Allegro in F—Haydn
The Happy Farmer—Schumann
Sonatina in F (2 Mvts)—Beethoven
A Little Song Op. 27, No. 2 :55
A Sad Story Op. 27, No. 3 :65
An Old Dance Op. 27, No. 4 :30
Toccatina Op. 27, No. 7 :50
Scherzo Op. 27, No. 10 :55
Sonatina Op. 27, No. 12 1:30
A Short Story Op. 27, No. 13 1:45
Waltz Op. 39, No. 13 :50
The Clown Op. 39, No. 20 :30
Merry Dance Variations

Piano & String Quartet Ensembles
Clementi: Op 36, No. 1
Kuhlau: Op 55, No. 1
Clementi: Op 36, No. 3
Beethoven: Op 49, No. 2
Mozart: K. 439B
Haydn: Op 48

Anne Bowman

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