A preparatory tune for Gossec Gavotte

Trish said: Sep 18, 2016
Trish Clair (Horrocks)
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Nanaimo, BC
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Hi violin and viola teachers,

While organizing my Sibelius files today I found a tune I wrote to help kids prepare for Gossec Gavotte. It’s sort of “fiddly” and I have found that if I introduce it around Minuet Two, I’ve had more consistent results when prepping the patterns in Gossec.

It’s called Finnian’s March and it’s attached here. Hopefully it can be of use to some of you!
Finnians March Violin or Viola

Paula Bird said: Sep 18, 2016
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Wimberley, TX
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So cute! I love it!

Paula E. Bird
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Wendy Caron Zohar said: Sep 18, 2016
Wendy Caron Zohar
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How lovely! This is great, Trish! I give my students exercise tunes made from the notes in that measure too, starting when we’re in the minuets, using rhythms, stopped strokes, notes going fast and slow, working on accuracy and velocity in the motion for fingers down fingers up. I make it up as they develop, and keep changing it up the as they gain mastery and speed. But I like your little tune. Thank you so much for sharing! I never thought to write out the metamorphosis, but you’ve inspired me!

Wendy Caron Zohar

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