Refusing to play a key at the class


Lina said: Aug 28, 2016
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Hello there,

My little one is at very start of twinkle A. She got along with her teacher quite well, but after the teacher has been a while on holiday, she refused to greet him and played at the class. It has been already like this for two sessions. I am really surprised. We practise everyday together and I know she can do it, however, at the teacher’s place, she simply didn’t want to play or react to what the teacher said. This really downplays her ability. Now the teacher again lets her practise from very beginning that she actually already knows what to do.

Any advice from you will be highly appreaciated.

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Diane said: Aug 28, 2016
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I think it is a positive that the student will play from the beginning for her teacher, after a break. The beginning is always a good place to start. As she feels more comfortable she will probably be willing to continue on with the newer pieces.

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