Diverse Instruments in Pretwinkle Group Class

Carlie Cates said: Jul 20, 2016
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The program that I currently teach at has been expanding quite a bit (yay!) to include various different instruments (violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, and piano). This fall, I will be teaching a combined Pretwinkle group class for all the different instruments. I’m a little nervous because this is a very new thing for me to try and I’m not sure how much overlap from the different instruments there will be. We like to keep the kids playing as much as possible.
Any thoughts on materials or games or songs that could include all those instrument types?

Mengwei Shen said: Jul 20, 2016
Mengwei Shen
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In my (strings and piano) experience, at the Pre-Twinkle level, they aren’t “playing” much of anything. They can barely keep their own posture independently and consistently, much less do it on cue, in time, with others. Flute doesn’t even start with the “Mississippi stop stop” rhythm (that’s all I know about flute) so that doesn’t fit with the others.

If you take the specific instrument out of the picture and do general music activities like singing, marching, clapping, playing simple percussion, etc., that could work. You might have a discussion with the program manager about purpose and goals of this class because things like learning to listen, follow directions, take turns, and keep a steady beat are relevant for any kid on any instrument, and you don’t need the actual instrument. Are you sure you want Pre-Twinklers to “play” 6 different complex instruments (technically, 3-4 instrument families) together in a group class? It could be chaos…

Kirsten said: Jul 21, 2016
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There is a good book that might help with the kind of class Mengwei is talking about: Movement that Fits Dalcroze Eurhymics and the Suzuki Method by Joy Yelin.


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