Taking bows across the border

Joanne Martin said: Apr 21, 2016
 Teacher Trainer
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We’ve all heard horror stories about bows being impounded when crossing the border from Canada into the US, and I’m wondering if anyone has any recent news or advice? Ideally I should take my viola to the upcoming conference in Minneapolis, but obviously I want to keep my bows!

Joanne Martin

Barbara Eadie said: Apr 22, 2016
Barbara Eadie
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Victoria, BC
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Is it possible to get some kind of paperwork that guarantees that the bow was manufactured before a certain date? I think the issue is ivory that has been used or harvested after the ban was put in place. I would suggest you talk to a reputable antique dealer and also the American Federation of Musicians. Both contacts could probably steer you in the proper direction.

Good luck!

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