Looking to upgrade my son’s violin case

Edward said: Oct 6, 2015
Edward Obermueller
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Morris Plains, NJ
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We are looking to upgrade my son’s (full size) violin case, and I don’t know much about the brands of cases and which are the best. He is in middle school and takes the violin back and forth a lot, on the bus, so it gets wear and tear.

We want to be in the $100-$150 range if possible, without it being too heavy and with enough room to keep his shoulder rest in it.

Many of the models we’ve looked at seem awfully heavy, and many reviews say that the straps come off of a lot of them.

Any suggestions?

Jennifer Visick said: Oct 7, 2015
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In the price range you’re looking at, you may find that the truly lightweight cases are not that sturdy, and the truly sturdy cases are not that lightweight, so (as you probably already know) you’re looking for a balance.

If it’s going to be carried back and forth on a school bus, I’d be inclined to err on the side of sturdiness over lightness.

“Shaped”, “dart”-shaped or “arrow”-shaped cases will be lighter but may not have room for the shoulder rest… although with a little bit of fiddling around some shoulder rest brands can be fit in or around the scroll area of a shaped case, if the case insides are not shaped to fit closely around the scroll & neck of the instrument.

BAM makes good lightweight cases but they’re out of your price range. Hm. Maybe try looking at Bobelock “shaped” or “arrow” wooden cases?

Kristen said: Oct 7, 2015
Kristen Tourville WyattViolin, Viola
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Hi Edward!
Have you looked into the Bobelock Featherlite case line? The oblong (rectangular) model weighs 5.5lbs and is constructed of layered plywood and styrofoam. So you have the “wood shell” case with the lightweight feel…and lots of room in it for even a Bonmusica shoulder rest and all accessories. Although it lists at $206, it would reach just a few dollars outside your budget online. But as Jennifer commented above, the sturdiness factor, along with quality suspension system, may suffer at lesser price points. I’ve had students try cases over the years that promised all of the above, only to fall apart within a couple of years—but if someone has found another option at a similar/lesser option, please share! :)

Robin Lohse said: Oct 8, 2015
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I have found that the half moon shaped cases work very nicely. you can put music in side pocket and other things in. it’s not as bulky and they’re little bit more affordable. I actually offer this option to my students when they reach the full size at a very affordable price so let’s say your budget is about $125 I can usually work something out with my students. so that’s what I’m recommending its a West Coast strings product. I haven’t seen it with other brands. This company is very reputable

Robin Lohse

Edward said: Oct 17, 2015
Edward Obermueller
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Morris Plains, NJ
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Thanks for all the help. We ended up getting the Shar model, it seemed to have the best combination of features for the price $150

I will be looking for a case myself soon, and noticed that the BAM cases are very nice in the $200-$300 range.

I will check into the West Coast strings!

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