Games for Pre-Twinkle Group Class

Pam said: Sep 16, 2015
Pam Hatley (Hunter)
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San Jose, CA
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Does anyone have fun games for a pre-twinkle group class? My group classes have been Book 1 but I have 2 pre-twinklers this time! one is 3 yrs old and the other 5 but just started with practice violin and bow.

Thank you!


Marian Goss said: Sep 16, 2015
Marian Goss
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For the little ones, games away from the violin can sometimes be more fun and less risky. We’ve done things in my pre twinkle class like bow parades, where they march around displaying their best bow holds….following me around the room while I play a song on my violin. I’ve also had the kids try balancing those pencil top erasers on the tip of their Bows either for an entire song or for certain amount of time. We see who can balance it the longest. I’ve also brought in beanie babies to balance on their violins to make sure the position is good. Marbles in the peg box is also good for position, but a little bit harder and maybe more frustrating for the teacher to collect the marbles that fall on the floor lol. You can always have them sit when their legs are tired and do a listening game where they might raise their violin hand up in the air when they hear an out of tune note that the teacher would intentionally play. In addition to being a Suzuki teacher, I am also a certified music together teacher. I understand the importance of singing and moving so I often incorporate singing and movement in my twinkle classes. The concept of audiation is very important for musicians. I call this “inside singing”. You can have the children sing the bread part of twinkle out loud and then the cheese part in their head. You also can have them move their feet two different rhythms or different beat patterns. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Pam said: Sep 17, 2015
Pam Hatley (Hunter)
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Violin, Suzuki in the Schools
San Jose, CA
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Thank you! thank you! thank you! These are wonderful ideas and I can’t wait to implement them in class this Saturday!


Jenete Marie St Clair said: Sep 17, 2015
Jenete Marie St Clair
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White Plains, MD
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I also like to do body twinkle, singing Twinkle from the floor (first note) to your shoulders and then down with a new action for each pitch.
DD Floor taps,
AA Shoulder Tap
BB Head tap
A Shoulder
GG Clap
F# pocket
E Knees
D Floor

change pitches from cello to violin:)

I have also taking Music Mind Games course and use those games A LOT with my youngest students, since many of the games are full of movement which is key for this age.

Jenete St. Clair
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Gretchen Weaver said: Sep 18, 2015
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Thanks, good one! I use a similar one for Allegro.

Hadley Johnson Gibbons said: Sep 25, 2015
Hadley Johnson Gibbons
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Seattle, WA
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My favorite games for the little ones are almost all away from the violin. One that the kids LOVE is “freeze dance,” in which I play music and they dance around to it and have to freeze whenever I stop the music. Another listening game is musical chairs (which can either be everyone getting one seat or the entire crew having to sit on one chair by the end). Any sort of “chant” song is good (”Joe,” “Who stole the cookie,” “Pass the Cup,” etc).

One of my favorite rhythm games came out of a West African drumming book. Historically, women would pound the wheat one after the other in the same pot, so they had to keep in rhythm or they would hit each other. I have the kids pretend to pound the wheat by slapping their hands on the ground in rhythm to the metronome, and if they get off of the beat they’re “out.”

Good luck! The pre-twinklers require lots and lots of energy!!!

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