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Marcia said: Aug 31, 2015
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Tulsa, OK
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Can anyone send me the dance moves to Witches Dance. I have lost mine

Laura Burgess said: Sep 1, 2015
Laura Burgess
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Elizabeth Stoltzfus said: Sep 1, 2015
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Lancaster, PA
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Good morning! I’m sure there are tons of variations on this, but I’ll share what I do and I hope others will respond as well!

I have students spin around each time they play the arpeggios, alternating directions each time. For the minor section, we crouch down and use a lot of rubato at the end of the phrase. For the last phrase, we aim to spin (one direction only) until the phrase is done, then end facing the audience (or teacher).

Erin Rushforth said: Sep 3, 2015
Erin RushforthInstitute Director
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In addition to what Elizabeth mentioned above, in the opening two phrases for the open A notes, we pluck those and kick one leg out in front at the same time.

For the 1st arppeggio (A major), we stand tall. For the 2nd (D major), we crouch down. For the 3rd and 4th which run together, we stand on tiptoes. Then we pause and turn the bow upside down, holding it at the tip rather than the frog.

At the end of the minor section, on the long open A note, we wave with our violin hand, say “Hi Mom!” and then switch bow back to regular hold.

We have the same Pizz/kick on open A notes in the closing section. For the long descending scale and arpeggio at the end, we stomp on the beat with bow foot, all the way to the end, then we add a jump with a cry of “Hey!” with bows and violins in the air (arms up, legs apart).

Janet Bogart said: Sep 3, 2015
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Novato, CA
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Just as I learned it in the 70’s except we say “whee” at the end. Big distinction, that.

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Janse Vincent said: Sep 4, 2015
Janse Vincent
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Madison, WI
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Check out Carolyn McCall’s book “Group Lessons for Suzuki Violin and Viola” for the above actions overlaid on the sheet music. Hope you and your kids have fun.

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