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Article on the Suzuki method

Connie Sunday said: Aug 11, 2015
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This article was written with great respect for the SAA and the people in this forum. Would really appreciate feedback.

Reflexions Magazine: 0bjections to Suzuki Training and Teaching

Your responses appreciated. Please email [javascript protected email address]; no responses will be published without author’s permission, and all responses may be anonymous.

Thank you!

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Alan Duncan said: Aug 14, 2015
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Hi. I sent a response, copied here:

Your article on objections to Suzuki training and teaching succinctly captures commonly-held beliefs about Suzuki talent education.

An issue that I hear and read frequently is that advanced Suzuki-trained kids may be technically proficient but lack the depth of musical expression because their learning and playing is so “programmed.” I am unaware that any data support this belief; and I frankly disbelieve it. But the sentiment is out there.

As for the speculation that Suzuki lowered the starting age to 3 in an effort to expand his commercial enterprise, I don’t know. Nothing in what I’ve read suggest that Suzuki had entrepreneurial ambitions that exceeded his ambitions of seeing children learn to play well. I suspect that pushing the limits on age had more to do with the fundamental theoretical connection between language acquisition and development of musical talent.

I would also add that I’ve encountered negative reactions to Suzuki talent education based on its reliance on parental involvement. Some traditionalists see it as a crutch that props up marginally-committed students until they finally develop enough enough power to overcome parental objections to quitting.

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