looking for minor scales work book for violin

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Lisa Carlier said: Jun 16, 2015
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My kids in book IV need to know some minor scales to try out for the local orchestra. Does anyone know of a book that teaches the theory behind minor scales without wasting time on the theory of half notes vs quarter notes?

Jennifer Visick said: Jun 22, 2015
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Christine said: Aug 10, 2015
Christine Rewolinski
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I go to Carl Flesch after my kids can play the first page of each key in Carl Flesch have memorized fingerings for all the major and the melodic minor scales. there are not that many fingerings to memorize, Open string Major, open string minor, 1st finger major, 1st finger minor, and 2nd finger major and minor. If you know these fingerings you can play every major or minor scale. Starting with scales and arps up one string first has been very useful. Once they are playing these scales it is easier to look at the book. I have a scale sheet with notation and fingerings I hand out to memorize fingerings with.

Garland, TX

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