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Brighid Wagner said: Apr 13, 2015
Brighid WagnerViolin, Viola
Eugene, OR
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Hello! I have a question about publishing a collection of songs and games I have been using with my studio for the past few years. Many of the games I have invented on my own, but I also use some of that I haven’t been to myself such as the monkey song, the kangaroo song, the rocket poem, etc. I am not using those famous handouts that we have all seen for the kangaroo song. I am just using the word kangaroo song: with different games to do for practicing kangaroo song. I do want to sell these collections two students in my studio as well as two other teachers in the area that have shown interest in having such a graded pre-twinkle collection. What sort of channels should I go through to make sure I am not violating any copyright laws?

Rafael Videira said: Jun 12, 2015
Rafael Videira
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I once saw an old SAA journal article giving credit to Marilyn O’Boyle for the Flower Song and Monkey Song. I guess it’d be worth reaching out to the trainers that gave you the handouts and asking them where they got it—hopefully they’ll remember!

Dr. Rafael Videira, DMA
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