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The Suzuki Association of the Americas said: Mar 23, 2015
The Suzuki Association of the Americas
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Rover Takes the Plunge Cartoon

Have a funny Suzuki-related story? Please post it in the comments below! Your story may appear in a future SAA comic. Of course, please keep it clean and respectful. We’re not here to laugh at the expense of anyone involved! Please omit individuals’ last names, and change first names if you wish.

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Linda Gutterman said: Jul 22, 2015
Linda Gutterman
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Seattle, WA
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While teaching a piano repertoire class at the Colorado Suzuki Institute, I was discussing the meaning of opus numbers, as well as Koechel and Hoboken listings. When I asked if anyone knew what a BWV number was, a teen-aged boy replied, “they don’t know how to spell BMW?”

Melanie Drake said: Oct 16, 2015
Melanie Drake36 posts

I took my 6 year old daughter to see Australian guitarist Rupert Boyd perform. It was an evening concert and she was by far the youngest person in the captive audience. Apparently, my daughter was impressed with the performance; during one of the pieces, she asked “is he in book 4?”

Lea Marshall said: Jan 18, 2016
Lea Marshall
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Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Piano, Viola
Allen, TX
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“How to have a more productive Violin rehearsal with your child: have a glass of wine first!” :-)—Greta, Practice Parent

AND, son Samuel, said to his violin teacher, “Yes! Please, tell me about the opportunity!….I was excited but I didn’t know it was going to be a SOLO!?!”

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