Trill in Lully Gavotte?

Trish said: Mar 17, 2015
Trish Clair (Horrocks)
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Nanaimo, BC
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So …. why is the trill in Lully notated as starting on the B instead of on the C natural? My natural tendency is to start from the note above, but the directions below the score in book 2 explicitly say to start the trill from below.

Charles Krigbaum said: Mar 31, 2015
Charles KrigbaumTeacher Trainer
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I think the exception to the rule of “starting the trill from above” is when the note preceding the trill IS in fact already the note from above. Of course, I’m not a Baroque expert! This is just what I’ve heard repeated from numerous sources and it works for me as a good rule of thumb.

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Sue Hunt said: Apr 1, 2015
Sue Hunt
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The reason for starting the trill from the upper note is to make an appogiatura from the upper note which, when you lean on it, gives a little elegant crunch to the harmony.

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