beginning group class for 3 yr olds

Nina Willbach said: Feb 24, 2015
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I was recently hired to teach group violin classes at a preschool. The children are ages 3-5, divided into 4 groups by age. While these classes will be Suzuki-inspired, the kids will not necessarily be also taking individual classes and parents are not present for classes. I come from a Suzuki background, and I’m much more accustomed to teaching individual lessons with group classes as an additional experience. I’m wondering if anyone has good suggestions of material for very young beginning groups? With the youngest kids, we will be doing lots of very pre-pre-twinkle kinds of stuff. Any ideas/experiences with effective activities/strategies for this age group? Any help would be very appreciated!

Melanie said: Feb 24, 2015
Melanie BarberViolin
Maple Valley, WA
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The thing I’ve learned about teaching in a group setting is to do tons of repetition and break skills down into micro bits. Like Suzuki does, spend time reviewing things that the students are good at. Good luck!!!

Laura said: Feb 25, 2015
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Hi Nina,

You can do a lot of the things you do in a private lesson, and of course lots of repetition! I made my students a Pre-Twinkle CD with lots of the songs. They listen to the CD (as well as the Book 1 CD) and it really helps them to understand how & what to practice at home.

An example of what I put on the CD: Rest Position Song, Up Like a Rocket, Pop Goes the Weasel, E String Concerto, Taka Taka Concerto, Open String Blues, Flower Song, Monkey Song….

If the students are listening to the CD and practicing at home, then they can do well (still not the same rate of progress). I would make sure you have the parent’s emails so you can send them weekly practice assignments.

Good luck!

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