Selling 1/8th in Richmond VA

Brandy Fortune said: Feb 3, 2015
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Hello. I have a lovely 1/8th Scott Cao STV017 which we purchased from Kappellar in Richmond. 2 years after our journey began and 1.5 years of lessons on it we’ve decided to switch to Piano. We started with suzuki method in Henrico (then our teacher moved) and we found another lovely teacher who was not suzuki but familiar with the methods. I thought this would be a good place to sell it as right now the shop has too many 1/8ths and won’t buy it back until they sell some more.

Its in excellent condition, was purchased used and will need to be re-strung. I paid $485 for the violin and $110 for the bow and $70 for the case so I paid a little over $650 for the entire kit.

I would be happy to sell the entire kit for $390. It should be re-strung and if you wanted a super fresh start could pay to have the bow hair replaced but I’m not sure how necessary that is for a child that young, but new strings of course would be best. I still have the receipt as well so you can see the total amount originally paid. It has been kept in our house never exposed to any extreme temps or dropped. She has not played it in about 7 months.

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