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Rebecca said: Jan 23, 2015
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I have a high school male student who struggles w/ coordination and does not practice. His mom doesn’t want him to quit. We are in Book IV and just drill Vivaldi every week when he comes in. I would like to continue working w/ him despite the non-practice.

I’ve asked him to pick his own repertoire but he wasn’t interested, so I’ve pulled out “Blackbird” because he loves the classics but he wasn’t interested….

He IS interested in and starting to learn vibrato. Does anyone have repertoire suggestions of slow simple lyrical pieces that he might enjoy? Both classical and otherwise?

(I own a few of the “Solos for Young Violinists” but a lot of that even seems too complicated for him. )


Rachel Samson said: Jan 24, 2015
Rachel Samson
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With vibrato, instead of new rep, I like to use the old familiar— just so it’s one less thing for them to think about. Anything that can be played in 3rd or 4th position to start out is a great way to go. The lullabies included in book 4 are a great option as they are beautiful, short, and quite lyrical.

I’m sorry this young man is having a hard time engaging with lessons— something my husband suggested when I encountered a similar situation is to YouTube surf and find some artists of today (or the last couple decades) who are inspiring and could potentially light the fire. I highly doubt that Lindsey Stirling is going to do it for your high schooler, but perhaps Kevin Olusola, an awesome cellist, or even the Pentatonix… there are tons of cool covers out there that can inspire young people. Or perhaps finding something appropriate from his own favorite artists that he could work on in the lessons. The possibilities are endless. I hope this ramble helped. Hang in there! Rooting for you!

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