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Jocelyn said: Dec 21, 2014
Jocelyn Basse
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I was first trained by Mr and Mrs Kataoka who visited Fort Wayne, Indiana from Japan during the first year that Dr. Suzuki’s program came to America. They stayed in our home during the week they were visiting, so we had many good discussions about the process. You can do the math of how long I have taught Suzuki. It is the best and the most developmentally sound way to teach young children. Not to count the many recitals and Play-ins that I have had for my piano students through the years; but yesterday, finally having the instruments to have good ensembles, the recital consisted of first my Twinklers, then the ensembles then those who played solos. It was most ex citing for everyone to experience. The message I explained to parents/audience was the development of meshing our very selves with others in our world through the the synchronization of playing our instruments together. After all, it does take cooperation, listening to members of our group, remembering to be kind to someone who might make a mistake, plus many other facets in creating a beautiful person, in the philosophy and goal of Dr. Suzuki.
I share with you because I was not doing ensembles as I should have and hope you will also have the courage to start them (in small group lessons first). It is a wonderful experience.

Jocelyn Basse ([javascript protected email address])

Lori Bolt said: Dec 22, 2014
Lori Bolt
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Jocelyn—I like your explanation of the benefits of ensemble work….cooperation, kindness, etc. I’m curious to know how many pianos you use. I don’t see myself having more than the two acoustics I own since I don’t have a separate studio space in my home.

Lori Bolt

Cathy Hargrave said: Dec 23, 2014
Cathy HargraveTeacher Trainer
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I wonder what Kataoka’s you are mentioning. Can you clarify this please? TIA!

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