Youtube Links to Origins of Repertoire from Book 2

Heather Figi said: Oct 1, 2014
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
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I consider Suzuki Violin Book 2 to be a collection of little gems and have enjoyed playing the different character pieces in this collection for decades. If you have not yet exposed yourself to the original opera, song or dance versions where these pieces were extracted from it is a highly enjoyable endeavor! I marveled when I first heard how brisk and joyful Chorus from “Judas from Maccabeaus” sounded—it is a stark contrast from the slow style that we often teach as Suzuki Violin teachers.

I was putting together this list of links for another project and thought I would share here on the forum. Here is a list of links to the origins from some of the repertoire in Suzuki Violin Book 2.

Also, if you ever wanted to share links for other origins for Suzuki repertoire, I would love to view them. Thanks and Enjoy!

Chorus from “Judas Maccabeaus”:

Musette example from J.S. Bach to give a sense for the dance and bagpipe feel of a true musette:

Hunters’ Chorus:

Long, Long Ago:


The Two Grenadiers:

Theme from “Witches of Dance”:

Lully Gavotte:

Minuet in G:

Boccherini Minuet:

Katherine said: Oct 2, 2014
Suzuki Association Member
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GREAT list, thank you!!

Gavotte from Mignon:

Heather Figi said: Oct 2, 2014
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
97 posts

Thanks for the Gavotte from Mignon!
I am appreciative of this link.


Carol Gwen said: Oct 6, 2014
Carol Gwen Kiefer
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Washington Crossing, PA
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Maud Powell performing Gavotte from Mignon.

Heather Figi said: Oct 7, 2014
Heather FigiViolin
Eugene, OR
97 posts

Thanks for the link to Gavotte from Mignon.
Hearing music played with that style and playfulness reminds me why I fell in love with this in the first place.

Best wishes!

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