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Colleen Lively said: Apr 17, 2014
Colleen Lively
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I have been teaching Suzuki violin for 30 years and move frequently so I’ve just come across the “new” Book 4 violin version and have a question about the Concerto for Two Violins. In measure 12 of the “old version” there is a b-flat at the end of the 3rd beat. In the “new version” this is a b-natural. I have in my many files of unpacked boxes the “original” Bach Double, but I cannot find it to compare notes. Can someone explain; and must I “teach” my old brain the “new” version?


Friederike said: Apr 18, 2014
Friederike Lehrbass
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You could check it out online at a free site.

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Alice said: Apr 18, 2014
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Colleen, I agree with you that on measure 12 the correct note is Bb. I have played both the Galamian and Oistrach editions many times and both use the Bb. I change it to Bb on the new edition when I teach my violin students. I don't know if Bach's original manuscript is available, but listening to recordings of some of the great violinists, such as Anne Sophie Mutter playing the Bach would be helpful.

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