Pre-Twinkle Group Ideas

Jennifer Lucian said: Dec 12, 2013
Jennifer LucianViolin
Waterbury, CT
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I am a new Suzuki teacher this year, and teach at an Arts Academy Magnet School. I have 60 1st graders learning violin. They have mini lessons, and a group class of 20 every week. Right now we are bowing rhythms on open strings.

What are your ideas for group class games and activities for this level?
Thanks in advance!

Laura said: Dec 16, 2013
Laura Mozena
Suzuki Association Member
Palm City, FL
105 posts

Rocket Song
Pop Goes the Weasle
My Turn Your Turn
Bow Crawl
Twinkle Train
Parts Of the Violin Song
Ant Song
Clapping Games
Rest Position Play Position
Spill over Game

If anyone would like to know how to play these games, Or would like to learn more, I will soon be putting Group Class Games in my blog and will share here again when I get the chance.

Jennifer Lucian said: Dec 19, 2013
Jennifer LucianViolin
Waterbury, CT
3 posts

Thanks Laura.
I do most of these, but am curious about “My Turn Your Turn”, “Spill Over Game”, and “Twinkle Train”.

Where is your blog?

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