Practicing that promotes long-term progress

Caitlin said: Oct 21, 2013
Caitlin HunsuckViolin
Merced, CA
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I just read this article (it came up in my facebook feed). I thought it was interesting…

I tend to skip around when I practice, and noticed that I always felt as though I didn’t make much progress until a few days later (which meant I always needed to start early for practicing for lessons). Any thoughts on this topic, and how we can get our students to start practicing this way too!

Connie Sunday said: Oct 23, 2013
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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I like BulletProofMusician and a lot of people do. I’m particularly proud of that guy, combining his training at Juilliard with an academic doctorate.

Having said that, I’m not that good at being so detailed with my practice regime (Inner Game of Music recommends much the same thing), but once you get out of university you can make practice your real “job,” and then some sort of practice methodology needs to come into play so you can benefit the most from your time. I just rely on intuition and my ear, and I follow the Galamian recommendation to practice with what one could characterize as “mindfulness” for no longer than 20 minutes at a stretch, though you can do eight or ten of these a day. This works for me, anyway.

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