CD with piano accompaniment alone

Rebeca Muñoz said: Aug 26, 2013
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Hello! My teacher has seen on youtube a girl playing a song of Suzuki method 2. My teacher has the method 2 with a CD of violin and piano accompaniment, but this girl plays the song only with the piano accompaniment. Where can I find the CD with the piano accompaniment alone without violin? Thank youuu for your help!!!

Maria Stefanova-Mar said: Aug 27, 2013
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Hmmm… one option may be checking out Kerstin Wartberg’s Step by Step books. They have CDs with piano accompaniment alone. Good luck!

Smjl98112 said: Aug 29, 2013
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The piano accompaniments are also on the newer Suzuki violin school revised editions (Alfred). Search for the volumes that come packed with the Cd recorded by William Preucil. Shar has them for a great price. Personally, we (my 4 year old daughter and I) find the recordings a little fast compared to the Nadien recordings my son used. However, i think the Preucil is the only version that has the piano accompaniments with repeats. We have also used the step-by-step recordings but some of the piano accompaniments don’t have all the repeats (e.g. Gossec Gavotte). You can download the Step-by-step recordings. Half a book is about $7— great value. Maybe someone can provide the URL (I don’t have it on me).

Emily said: Nov 11, 2013
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What is the link to the youtube video? That might help in searching for the CD where it appears.

Emily Christensen
Music Teacher & Writer

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