Books on Musical Perseverance


Teresa said: Aug 21, 2013
Teresa Skinner
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Does anyone know of non-fiction books about musical perseverance that would be appropriate for a parent and 12 yo to read together?

…if you listen to the music, it tells you what to do…

Artem Vovk said: Aug 22, 2013
Artem VovkGuitar
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I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I’ve used it as fun supplement for some students:
Miyazaki’s studio (creator of “Spirited Away”) made an anime a while ago about a young cellist—”Goshu The Chellist” (it might be translated Gauche, for whatever reason). It’s a cute little story about a scared boy who has a conflict with his playing and animals help him figure it out. Not too deep, but most kids can relate. It’s very mellow I=compared to recent TV/toons, so I like it.

For girls, I recommended (of all things) an episode from My Little Pony—season 2 episode 22—Hurricane Fluttershy. Not so much about music, but about stage fright. It’s deceptively deep, but fun, and parents loved it too. However, it can be too girly for boys.

-Artem Vovk

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