8 Lucky Practice Games for Chinese New Year

Sue Hunt said: Jan 29, 2013
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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What do you do when your child just can’t seem to stand still? The answer is to get them to move. With this in mind, I’ve added an extra new game to 8 Lucky Practice Games for Chinese New Year.

The snake game is prefect for wiggly children. Many of these children fidget because of lack of core strength.

This game helps to strengthen these vital muscles, while allowing your child to discharge pent up energy.

If you notice the following symptoms, your child will certainly benefit from this game.

-1 Writhing around excessively and shifting from foot to foot,

-2 Tires easily and slouches, or collapses onto the floor,

-3 Asking to sit and then wriggling, or leaning against the back of the chair,

-4 Finding it difficult to balance on one foot,

-5 Appearing to be somewhat clumsy.

My students enjoy practicing with dynamic games and this one has the added benefit of helping to strengthen their core muscles at the same time.

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